Preparing your Property

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To create a favourable impression, it's recommended to eliminate any potential turn-offs and instead cultivate a welcoming atmosphere that signals to prospective buyers that your house is fresh, clutter free, clean and move-in ready.

While it may be challenging, taking a step back to view your home from a buyer's perspective is crucial. This process can be emotional as you cherish certain aspects like patterned wallpaper or sentimental markings on the architrave. However, it's essential to recognise that potential buyers may interpret these as signs of future expenses. Let us support you through the process.

Our team is dedicated to offering support in various areas, including styling advice, renovations, decluttering, gardening and an array of other services. With a commitment to individualized approaches, we adapt our selling strategies to fit the distinctive nature of every property, understanding that while the route may vary, our end objective remains unchanged - quality individualised service and outcomes.

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Brisbane Northside Property Services is a local company that provides complete solutions for your home. Modernise your home for sale by updating features in your home.

In addition to their expertise in engineering and building, they also offer a wide range of services including painting, gardening, flooring solutions, plumbing expertise, roofing and more. Our agents we work along side the skilled tradespeople who manage your project from concept to construction, ensuring your home is completed on schedule and within budget.

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Perfecting your Property.

Vacant, Occupied or Virtual Styling, we work with all situations. Today’s homebuyers are in search of a lifestyle – not just a house! As such, the cost of selling an unstyled home can be a lower selling price or longer time on the market.  Let staging add life, interest and warmth to your home and give it a competitive edge.

"You'd be crazy to go with anyone else!

As an interstate investor I didn't know who to trust with the preparation of my property.  It's now clear that Cara and her team are one of the few that could get things done so quickly and efficiently.  Cara is super passionate about what she does.  Cara established trust early, doing everything she said they would do within the budget.  I don't believe I would have achieved the result without Cara.  Cara and her team are the new powerhouse in the Strathpine area and I wish her the best."

Seller Review - 18 Elmwood Drive, Bray Park

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Adding the final touches before hitting the market.

Create an irresistible atmosphere that welcomes potential buyers into your home. Keeping a consistently immaculate environment is crucial from start to finish. With unexpected last-minute viewings, it's essential to be prepared at all times.